CSR reporting policies

NWB Bank reports on its activities in a transparent way. Where this reporting concerns its specific CSR policy, the bank follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. The GRI reporting framework is a widely accepted reporting directive on the economic, environmental and social performance of an organization. NWB Bank’s reason for choosing GRI is that it strives to offer excellent international comparability with other institutions, as well as other banks and publicly held enterprises in the Netherlands which apply this framework.

The below GRI Table is based on the GRI standards for 2018 and the bank reports at GRI reporting level ‘Core’. The GRI framework can be found on the GRI website www.globalreporting.org. A separate attachment is available for the bank's human rights policy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Besides a strong financial position and efficient business operations, we attach great value to social responsibility.

Half-year report 2019

NWB Bank presents its 2019 Half-year report in digital format only. This is in line with our CSR policy.