Investor relations


Water Bonds The proceeds are used to provide loans to Dutch water authorities


SDG Housing Bonds The proceeds are used to provide loans to Dutch social housing associations

Key points for investors

Agency for the Dutch public sector

Core business is long-term financing for local authorities and government-related and government-guaranteed entities

These are the same ratings given to the Dutch State, which also owns 17% of the shares. Water authorities own 81% of the shares and the provinces 2%. 

Wholesale funded in the international capital markets. Regular issuance of benchmark bonds in euros and US dollars. At least 25% of annual funding in SRI format.

Key figures

Sustainable funding total

€20 billion

Target to raise at least 25% of our funding with SRI bonds each year

CET 1 Ratio


The ECB set the minimum required capital ratio for NWB Bank at 12.50%



Minimum requirement of 100% to meet short-term financial obligations

Net stable funding ratio


Minimum future requirement of 100% to ensure availability of liquid assets in the longer term

Funding programmes

We use funding programmes for our operations on the international money and capital markets

ESG Ratings

We have received ESG ratings from Imug, ISS-Oekom, Vigeo Eiris and Sustainalytics

Benchmark reform

We are a 'supervised entity' for purposes of the EU Benchmarks Regulation (BMR)

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