Investor Relations

NWB Bank operates as a bank of and for the Dutch public sector. One of the major financial service providers in the public arena, the Bank, with its AAA/AAA -ratings, aims to provide its clients with maximum access to funding at the lowest possible cost. It does so by leveraging its lean, efficient, high-quality and committed organisation, offering a high-quality portal to the financial markets and enabling it to bundle the finance requirements of its clients in the best possible way. Its position as a Bank whose shares are owned by Dutch public authorities only and the restriction of its lending operations to the public sector, both enshrined in its Articles of Association, safeguard its robust profile as a Dutch public-sector bank. As a service provider, NWB Bank seeks to respond to the financial requirements of its clients in the best possible way.

Funding programmes

To fund its operations, NWB Bank uses a Medium Term Note (“MTN”) programme to raise long-term funds in the international capital markets. NWB Bank is able to raise funds from a large and diversified group of international investors on favourable terms thanks to long-term (Aaa/AAA) credit ratings from Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.

Bank of and for the public sector

Nederlandse Waterschapsbank N.V. (NWB Bank) is a leading financial services provider for the public sector. The bank arranges short-term and long-term loans for water authorities, municipalities, provinces, social housing, healthcare, educational institutions, public-private partnerships ("PPP") and activities in the field of watersupply and the environment.

NWB Bank has Aaa/AAA ratings by Moody's and Standard & Poor's

Water Authorities

Most of NWB Bank's equity is owned by water authorties (81%). Water authorities are represented by the Dutch Association of Regional Water Authorities, the umbrella organisation of the 23 regional water authorities in the Netherlands.

More Information

For more information and quotations regarding the MTN or ECP Program you can contact Tom Meuwissen, Erica Delis, Bouke den Hoed or Mark van Doorn.