Supervisory Board

To ensure the proper composition of the Supervisory Board of NWB Bank at all times, its Members are appointed taking account of the nature of the Bank’s operations and the desirable expertise and background of the Members. They must be aware of, and capable of assessing, national and international social, economic, political and other developments that are relevant to NWB Bank.

The Supervisory Board consists of at least five and at most nine Members, who are appointed by the General Meeting for a period of four years, with the option of reappointment for one period of four years, unless exceptional circumstances justify the re-appointment for a third term in office.

NWB Bank’s Members of the Supervisory Board are:
Age Bakker, Chairman
Maurice Oostendorp, Deputy Chairman
Petra van Hoeken
Toon van der Klugt
Frida van den Maagdenberg
Annette Ottolini
Manfred Schepers

Please find below the Profile and Charter of the Supervisory Board.